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iPARA: How To Organize Your Digital Information For Action

Rodney Daut

Is digital disorganization interfering with your goals?

(Learn how to organize your digital life so you can act with efficiency)

We've all experienced the frustration of looking for a piece of information and not being able to find it right away.

We don't remember which "system" it is in.  Was it Google Docs? Was it our notes app? What was the document called again?

And even if we know where it should be, it may seem lost in a sea of thousands of other files.

If we had an infinite amount of time, this wouldn't matter.

But we're all very busy, and who wants to spend precious minutes searching for something we need day after day?

Find what you need fast, so you can do what you really want.

Presenting 'iPARA: How To Organize Your Digital Information For Action.'

iPARA helps you not just clean up your digital spaces so they look nice and clean, it helps you organize information so you can more easily make progress on your important work.

A few examples ...

You've started writing a novel. Finally, you have a free moment, and instead of trying to find the file, you're typing your next chapter after just a few clicks. You're building a course, you're not scrambling to look for the video script, and your next step is instantly available when you sit down to work. During a meeting, while everyone else is searching for a key document, your colleagues are impressed that you pull it up in seconds. 

You work so smoothly because everything you need is in a system you can trust.

What the course is

  • Teaches you how to organize files on your hard drive, your notes apps, your browser bookmarks, and any other digital system that uses folders
  • An atom-sized multi-media course (text + video)
  • Only twenty-one pages
  • Nine short videos

What it is not

  • It does NOT teach goal-setting, project management, or time management

Here's some of what you'll learn

Part 1: Setting up your digital system

  • How to organize to get things done, not just look pretty
  • Why most approaches to organizing digital stuff can waste up to five hours a week (and how to avoid these common pitfalls)
  • How to clear a messy desktop in minutes using just four questions

In Part 1, you'll also get ...

  • Screenshots of what the system looks like
  • Real examples from my own digital system
  • Video walkthroughs showing how to do each step

Part 2: Using your digital system daily

  • How to rapidly sort new items into your system (without a lot of dithering)
  • How to overcome the perfectionist drive that can derail your efforts
  • Why the "on the fly" error can waste time and how to avoid it
  • A sample day in the life showing how this digital system is used

Part 3: Maintaining your digital system for life

  • Why the weekly PARA checklist makes the system one you can trust to move your life forward
  • How to ensure PARA helps you take action and not just look pretty
  • Three monthly steps that ensure your system stays focused on progress, not perfection

Take A Sneak Peak At What's Inside

But don't take my word for it

Here's what a few grateful people had to say.

Premium Bonuses

These bonuses come with the premium option.

Bonus #1: Power Hour For Second Brains (year-long membership)

A wonderful group that meets every two weeks to figure out how we can use our digital systems to move our lives forward. During these meetings, you can ask me any question you want, and I'll answer it. Participants have all taken a $2,000 course on managing digital information.

Bonus #2: Video review of your PARA system

Once you have PARA up and running, share a few screenshots, and I'll give you feedback on how well you did. ($50 value)

My Smiley Guarantee 😀

Check it out for yourself. You get a 60 days, 100% Money-Back guarantee.  And yes, everyone says that, but we'll give your money back with a smile. If you're wondering if this product is worth it, you'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes to your life and work right away. And to your understanding of what it takes to organize your digital life for action.

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iPARA: How To Organize Your Digital Information For Action

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