The Atomic Course Blueprint

Rodney Daut

When creating a course, do you get overwhelmed even before you begin?

When you sit down to write a course, a blank page stares back at you. The empty document should be full of possibilities, but as the cursor blinks, it's hard to know what to do. How do you begin? What should you put in, and more importantly, what should you leave out? And as you start to assemble ideas, how do you make sure they all work together as a whole and not just a mish-mash of "content." 

I had a similar problem when I first started creating online courses

I'd spend an incredible amount of time figuring out what to teach and how to teach it. Never being sure that what I created would fit together in a way other people could understand and follow.  I just kept putting time in every day while hoping things would fall into place.  When I finished, I didn't look forward to going through that process again.  So I created very few courses.

Which is why I had to work out a system

A system that let me create courses in a short time frame. A system that was simple and repeatable, I could look forward to creating the next one.  Could such a goal even be possible?

Presenting: The Atomic Course Blueprint

If you ask seasoned course builders, they'll tell you it takes a while to create a great course.  And they're right because even a small course is complex with many elements.  Just getting started with a decent outline can take days, even a week.

But what if we're approaching the construction of a course in the wrong manner?

Each course is treated as a snowflake as if they are entirely unique.  But what if there is an underlying structure to good teaching?  Instead of having to figure everything out from scratch, you'd start with a template upon which to hang your ideas.  The blank page would no longer mock you because it wouldn't be blank at all. You'd have a starting point and a system to get from A to B.

That's what this course is all about.

No more agony about which elements to include in your program. No more wrestling about what-goes-where. Instead, you have a solution that works seamlessly every single time, and ticks all the boxes.  What's better is that the process is systematic, involving three separate stages. You will acquire a permanent skill and be able to create courses any time you want.

What’s different about the Atomic Course Blueprint?

Most programs focus on creating planet-sized courses, but they take so much effort you create few of them.  I show you how to make tiny courses that can be created in weeks.  With this skill, you'll end up with a library of offerings for your customers.

What the course is

  • A system for organizing the information in your head, so you create a fantastic learning experience for your students
  • A way to create bite-sized learning. This atom-sized course shows you how to create atom-sized courses. Yes, your course will take an hour or less for students to finish.
  • Only 33 pages at 14-point font. Bottom line: 40 minutes of reading.

What it is not

  • It does not cover technology, such as choosing platforms to host a course.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Section 1: The Atomic Outline

  • Discover the one thing you must do before creating a course, and it's not market research
  • Why it’s so hard to figure out what to include in a course, and a one-sentence solution to this persistent problem
  • The hidden structure of many New York Times Best-Sellers and how to use it to make your course compelling
  • How to outline your program in less than an hour with the three-level approach
  • How to turn your knowledge into easy-to-follow lessons using the WWH Framework
  • The question that identifies failure points for your students (so you can help them avoid those pitfalls)
  • Why well-chosen examples create clarity and where to place them for maximum learning
  • Why a lesson must end with action steps, and how to ensure students follow them
  • The encyclopedia error that derails most courses and the single question that helps you avoid it

Section 2: The Course Writing Process

  • How to speed up course building with the Magic Bullet Method
  • Why the explainer technique solves writer's block even if you're in a deep rut
  • The time-wasting habit of overwriting (and how to avoid it)
  • How to speed write using the easy question approach

Section 3: The Information Sandwich

  • Three steps to crafting an introduction that builds excitement for your course
  • How to write an inspiring conclusion using the single-thought technique
  • How the letter-to-a-friend approach helps you mine insights for engaging ideas
  • How to create unexpected analogies that open your student's minds to learning

Take A Sneak Peak At What’s Inside

But don’t take my word for it

Premium Bonuses

Storyhooks ($15 value)

Beginning a lesson with pure information can bore while stories delight and entertain.  But how do we create interesting stories that grab attention, not just a recounting of events?  You do that with three hidden structures of storytelling.  Once you know them, you can use them to hook attention at the start of books, articles, and videos.

Feedback On Your Course Outline ($50 value)

Once you've outlined your course, some lingering doubts may remain.  I'll review your course outline and give you detailed feedback to show that you're moving in the right direction or to steer you back on track if needed.

23-Day Plan For Creating Your Next Course ($23 value)

Creating a course doesn't have to be as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest. It can be done in small steps.  After 23 work sessions of 45 minutes or less, you will have a completed course without having strained yourself.

My Smiley Guarantee 😀

Check it out for yourself. You get a 60-day, 100% Money-Back guarantee.  And yes, everyone says that, but I’ll give your money back with a smile. If you're wondering if this product is worth it, you'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes to your life and work right away. And to your understanding of what it takes to build a small learning experience that transforms your students' lives.

I want this!

The Atomic Course Blueprint

I want this!